A dredger is an important piece of equipment that can keep bodies of water, rivers, and canals free of unwanted sediment. It also has important applications in industrial and municipal contexts, keeping people safe while dredging hazardous industrial ponds and municipal waste lagoons.

At VMI, we manufacture and sell high-quality dredges to provide you with reliable, high-value equipment. Whatever the reason you need to dredge, contact us about the options we offer.

Horizontal Dredges

Horizontal dredges are handy for a variety of uses. If you have a small pond, lake, or marina that you need to maintain, you might need to remove sediment from around the rivers and streams that wash in to allow boats better clearance and access.

These types of dredges are also useful for municipal and agricultural waste, as well as mining applications. Byproducts of these processes are often housed in ponds lined with HDPE or clay to keep the materials from seeping into the surrounding ground, so to protect the integrity of the liner, a horizontal dredge is the natural choice.

You can also use a horizontal dredge for some applications when a larger dredge won't fit, or you can use it to clear enough space to operate a different type of dredge.

Cutter Suction Dredges

Cutter suctions dredges are heavy-duty dredges that can cut through materials more easily than their horizontal counterparts. Often used in rivers and canals, their stability and high pumping volumes make them the perfect choice to dredge in fast-moving currents.  

They are also used to mine sand and gravel because the abrasion isn't as harmful to cutter suction dredges as it can be for other tools.

Cutter suction dredges can be used to remove sediment from areas it shouldn't be, but they are typically used for larger projects, such as maintaining large lakes or deep waters.

Whatever your dredge requirements may be, contact our team. We'll help you find the best option for your application, whether you handle industrial and chemical waste, run a power plant, or maintain a lake. Call us at 1-800-762-2257 or 1-918-225-7000.